Collective Intelligence Unit

The Collective Intelligence Unit is founded on external funding from both public and private institutions and funding bodies, and is one of the pioneering research centers in Europe in the science of collective intelligence. The unit has grown steadily since its establishment in 2016 due to increasing interest and support from both the private and public sectors.

CIU’s research agenda is to theoretically and empirically study the collective intelligence of multinationals, public organizations, citizens and societies, and its impact on advanced policy- and decision-making. The unit also studies the relationship between collective intelligence and financial performance, regional GDP and national GDP. The studies integrates different software aggregation mechanisms to explore collective intelligence while combining these platforms with Big Data and AI/swarm intelligence.




Postdoc position in Collective Intelligence and Participatory Democracy

Collective Intelligence Unit is proud to announce a Postdoc position in Collective Intelligence and Participatory Democracy.
If you are interested in the position or would like to hear more, you can find more information here or by contacting Carina Antonia Hallin, Head of Collective Intelligence Unit, Tel.: +45 3815 3460, e-mail:

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Crowd Predictions From The Frontline

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Our Team

Carina Antonia Hallin

Carina Antonia Hallin

Head of The Collective Intelligence Unit

Dr. Hallin is the founder and head of Collective Intelligence Unit at the Department of International Economics, Government and Business, Copenhagen Business School. Her main research since 2005 has focused on collective intelligence, crowd predictions, and strategic decision-making. A pioneer in the field, her recently published work concerns the development of new methods to gather insights for decision-making and policy-making using Big Data and/or the collective intelligence of groups within organizations and society.

Julian Johannes Umbhau Jensen

Julian Johannes Umbhau Jensen

Research Assistant

Julian is a M.Sc. graduate in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen, specializing in International Political Economy. With a focus on data science and quantitative methods, he has acquired an interest in the possibilities and effects of Collective Intelligence and Big Data on forecasting and decision-making.

Brian Christopher Poll

Brian Christopher Poll


Brian is a graduate student in Digital Innovation and Management at ITU and an alumnus of Copenhagen Business School in Business Administration and Service Management. With training and experience in the service industry, and an affinity for consumer behavior and business data analytics, he is intrigued by the aggregated intelligence of crowds.

Luna Nikita Rasmussen

Luna Nikita Rasmussen

Student Assistant

Luna is a M.Sc in Global Development candidate at the University of Copenhagen and holds a B.A in Business Administration and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School. With a philosophical mindset and a consultancy background, Luna has acquired an interest in the possibilities of Collective Intelligence in both a public and private setting.



STUDENT Assistant

Mark is a M.Sc. in Global Development candidate at the University of Copenhagen and holds a B.A. in International Studies from University Carlos III of Madrid. With a background in qualitative and quantitative research in comparative social sciences, he is drawn to the potential of collective intelligence in interdisciplinary studies of public and private decision-making.

Naima Lipka

Naima Lipka

Student Assistant

Naima is a graduate student in Global Development at the University of Copenhagen and a Maastricht University alumni, holding a B.Sc. in Business and Economics with a specialization in Emerging Markets. Her interdisciplinary knowledge is aligned with her enthusiasm for the synergies of data-driven decision-making and the wisdom of crowds.

Angela Moreno Recio

Angela Moreno Recio

Student Assistant

Angela is a B.Sc student in Business Administration and Service Management with a specialization in Innovation at Copenhagen Business School. Angela has passion for understanding how entities can work looking at the future and she is intrigued by how public and private organizations can use Collective Intelligence to improve efficiency and decision-making.


March 2019

Carina Antonia Hallin, Head of Collective Intelligence Unit, participates in a meeting on 'New Data for Innovation Policy: From Explorations to Impact', held in London on March 21st by the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) in collaboration with the European Commission and the OECD. Innovation agencies, statistical agencies and researchers across the world are exploring new applications of big data and analytical methods such as machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, brought about by the data revolution to measure and map Research and Innovation (R&I) activities and policies.

November 2018

Carina Antonia Hallin is invited by the OECD countries to moderate the workshop ‘Using digital technology to draw on collective intelligence for science and technology policy’ at Oslo Metropolitan University at the conference ‘Digital Technology For Science and Innovation - Emerging Topics for Policy Assessment. Watch the whole Digital Technology for Science and Innovation Conference here.

September 2018

Carina Antonia Hallin participates in the esteemed Artificial Intelligence Conference in London, where she presents her joint paper with Dr. Oded Koren of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design on a new algorithm for treating mixed data in big data platforms.



Carina Antonia Hallin joins experts for The National Endowment for Science, Technology and The  Arts' (NESTA) inaugural conference commemorating their new Centre for Collective Intelligence Design, where she presents on the emergent field of collective intelligence in business and society at large.


Collective Intelligence – The what, why and how

Daiana Fobian Nielsen participates in the Pi Summit in Copenhagen, featuring inspirational presentations by industry leaders in crowdsourcing strategies within Danish organizations.

July 2018

CIU had the opportunity to participate in the Collective Intelligence and Human Computation conferences in Zürich, with speakers and keynotes from a multitude of fields, from computer science, machine learning to psychology and astrophysics.




June 2018

The Collective Intelligence Unit hosts the first ever conference on Crowd Predictions in the Nordics. Speakers from both industry and academia presented insight on how harnessing the intelligence of the crowd can be used to increase strategic decision-making.



October 2017

Carina Antonia Hallin presents “Crowd Foresight – Letting the Frontline Predict”. The conference, “Great Organizations don’t Guess – Digital Tools for Insight and Future Studies”, hosted by The Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, featured innovations in strategic methods for Danish corporations.



March 2017

Carina Antonia Hallin speaks at the “2nd Annual R&D Excellence Summit: Intelligence and Deep Insights to Guide Innovation Summit” in Amsterdam. Hallin is invited by Head of Innovation Development at Novozymes to present a keynote speech on collective intelligence and crowd predictions for better foresight.



Carina Antonia Hallin speaks at a Collective Intelligence event in Copenhagen hosted by Cosmic People. Hallin speaks on the state of collective intelligence and crowdsourcing practices in Denmark’s largest corporations.

November 2016

Kick Off seminar: The Prediction Project in the Financial Sector. Advancing predictability of Fluctuations Integrating Big Data and Crowdsourcing of Predictions in the Financial Sector.



October 2016

Carina Antonia Hallin speaks on collective intelligence at a brunch event to Danish top businesses hosted by Danish Marketing and Cosmic People.

September 2016

Carina Antonia Hallin participates at the Danish Industry Business Summit. This year the summit brought together more than 1,000 senior executives, politicians, opinion-formers and decision makers, under the title Transforming Denmark – Winning the Future.

June 2016

Carina Antonia Hallin speaks at the Collective Intelligence Conference 2016 in New York, hosted by NYU Stern Business School.


February 2019: 
Danish business newspaper, Børsen praises the book "Et Netværk af Hjerner" and gives it six stars for its unique contribution to management literature, calling it "Danish professionalism at the Harvard level" and "excellent and worth reading". Read the full article here.

January 2019: 
The article "Neuroscience Hacks to Improve Communication" in Forbes' Leadership section cites the paper 'The Adaptive Organisation and Fast-Slow Systems' by Torben Juul Andersen and Carina Antonia Hallin, describing it as "excellent and thought-provoking". 
Read the article

December 2018:
The new book, ‘A network of brains’, a collaboration between Carina Antonia Hallin, Toben Juul Andersen and Kjeld Fredens, published by Gyldendal (DK) this year, is recognized by Børsen as one of the best 10 leadership books of 2018. 

November 2018:
Copenhagen Business School’s Business News publication ran an article titled: “Collective Intelligence: CBS Spearheading The Next New Black”. The article features Collective Intelligence Unit and recent collaborations with Nesta and OECD, among other business organizations, global researchers, and policy-makers.
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April 2017:
The Danish business media Børsen has recently interviewed Carina Antonia Hallin about our work in collective intelligence. The article developed in collaboration with TDC, Carlsberg, Novozymes and Cosmic People brings great case stories about collective intelligence.
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August 2016:
The Danish media magazine Dansk Markedsføring (Danish Marketing Association), has recently interviewed CIU on “prediction crowdsourcing” and “collective intelligence” and the impact it can have on performance.
Read the article.