Update from Crowd Predictions From the Frontline

We are now four months from accomplishing the three-year empirical study “Crowd Predictions from the Frontline”, which investigates the ability of frontline employees to predict critical performance measures of multinational organizations to improve decision-making. In Lego Group we study product quality and in Radiometer Medical we study retention and attraction of employee talent. It’s been a great and inspiring research Click to read full article

Who is smart at predicting short-term fluctuations in the economy?

The global financial crisis of 2007-2008 highlighted the need for better monitoring and forecasting of fluctuations in the economy in order to avoid similar economic recessions in the future. Since then, various institutions have been searching for new and more accurate prediction methods, which could reduce the uncertainties associated with economic fluctuations at a national level [1]. One of such studies Click to read full article

Crowd Predictions From The Frontline – Project Updates

Last fall Collective Intelligence Unit (CIU) initiated the 3-year research project “Crowd Predictions from the Frontline”. The project is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation, and aims to apply new crowd predictions methods to demonstrate how information from frontline employees in Danish multinational organizations can be aggregated and used for optimized, strategic decision-making. The research project is divided into a Click to read full article


One of the foremost responsibilities of senior executives in established organizations, small and large, is to stay updated on current market developments and recognize when it is time to change course and adapt.[1] However, senior executives often hear what middle managers ’think they want to hear’, which often shields them from the shabby truth. Frontline employees capture what is going Click to read full article

Crowd Predictions From The Frontline

A proactive decision tool for dynamic strategic management   Crowd Predictions from the Frontline is a 3-year research project initiated and headed by Collective Intelligence Unit, Department of International Economics and Management, at Copenhagen Business School. The project is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation and derives from the foundation’s theme “call on new management principles”. The project aims to apply new crowd Click to read full article