Center For Regional And Tourism Research


CRT works with regional perspectives in tourism, development and economy, providing knowledge, socio-economic analyzes and research to regions, municipalities and companies, especially to those in rural Denmark. Additionally, the Center for Regional and Tourism Research carries out consultancy and development tasks, as well as participates in national and international research projects and research networks.

Nino Javakhishvili-Larsen

Researcher and Team Leader


Jens Clausen

Data Processing and Statistical Analysis


Confederation of Danish Industry


The Confederation of Danish Industry develops and supports innovative, Inspirational and economically sustainable projects and initiatives that strengthen the competitiveness of the Danish Industry.

Marion Hannerup

Communications Director


Copenhagen Institute For Future Studies


Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies is Denmark´s largest non-profit, future studies, think-tank. Founded in 1970 CIFS´s mission is to help Danish organizations (public and private) understand and plan for the trends that are shaping their long-term future.

Frank Hatzack

PhD and Senior Executive Advisor


Cosmic People


Cosmic People is a crowd agency that gives competitive power to companies through crowdsourcing ideas. Those ideas can be used in strategic research, innovation and content production.

Pernille Simmelkiær



Peter Stenbæk

Creative Director


Danish Crowdsourcing


Danish Crowdsourcing is an organization collaborating with practitioners and academia on the effects of crowdsourcing methods and processes. Danish crowdsourcing aim to inspire those working within the field, and to provide experts as well as newcomers the opportunity to network with and learn from their peers.

Flemming Binderup Gammelgaard



Daiana Fobian Nielsen





Nesta is an innovation foundation based in the UK. The organization acts through a combination of practical programs, investment, policy and research, and the formation of partnerships to promote innovation across a broad range of sectors.