January 2020:

Collective Intelligence Unit is mentioned in Nature Sustainability alongside the work of our good colleague and affiliated scholar with CIU, Associate Professor Steven Gray. The article “Wisdom of stakeholder crowds in complex social–ecological systems” by Payam Aminpour, Steven Gray, Antonie J. Jetter, Joshua E. Introne, Alison Singer & Robert Arlinghaus explores the potential of harnessing the collective intelligence of resource stakeholders for sustainable management of natural resources.


August 2019:

Collective Intelligence Unit and Carina Antonia Hallin are pleased to announce our latest publication “Decision-Making Enhancement in a Big Data Environment: Application of the K-means Algorithm to Mixed Data” in Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research. The paper is co-authored with computer scientists Oded Koren and Dror Bendet, and mathematician Nir Perel from the School of Industrial Engineering and Management Shenkar in Israel.

February 2019:

Danish business newspaper, Børsen praises the book “Et Netværk af Hjerner” and gives it six stars for its unique contribution to management literature, calling it “Danish professionalism at the Harvard level” and “excellent and worth reading”. 

January 2019:

The article “Neuroscience Hacks to Improve Communication” in Forbes’ Leadership section cites the paper ‘The Adaptive Organisation and Fast-Slow Systems’ by Torben Juul Andersen and Carina Antonia Hallin, describing it as “excellent and thought-provoking”.

December 2018:

The new book, ‘A network of brains’, a collaboration between Carina Antonia Hallin, Toben Juul Andersen and Kjeld Fredens, published by Gyldendal (DK) this year, is recognized by Børsen as one of the best 10 leadership books of 2018.

November 2018:

Copenhagen Business School’s Business News publication ran an article titled: “Collective Intelligence: CBS Spearheading The Next New Black”. The article features Collective Intelligence Unit and recent collaborations with Nesta and OECD, among other business organizations, global researchers, and policy-makers.

April 2017:

The Danish business media Børsen has recently interviewed Carina Antonia Hallin about our work in collective intelligence. The article developed in collaboration with TDC, Carlsberg, Novozymes and Cosmic People brings great case stories about collective intelligence.

August 2016:

The Danish media magazine Dansk Markedsføring (Danish Marketing Association), has recently interviewed CIU on “prediction crowdsourcing” and “collective intelligence” and the impact it can have on performance.