Collective Intelligence Unit

The Collective Intelligence Unit is founded on external funding from both public and private institutions and funding bodies, and is one of the pioneering research centers in Europe in the emergent science of collective intelligence. The unit has grown steadily since its establishment in 2016 due to increasing interest and support from both the private and public sectors.

CIU’s research agenda is to theoretically and empirically study the collective intelligence of multinationals, public organizations, citizens and societies, and its impact on advanced policy- and decision-making. The unit also studies the relationship between collective intelligence and financial performance, regional GDP and national GDP. The studies integrate different software aggregation mechanisms to explore collective intelligence while combining collective intelligence with Big Data and AI/swarm intelligence.


January 2020: Citation in Springer Nature Journal

Collective Intelligence Unit is mentioned in Nature Sustainability alongside the work of our good colleague and affiliated scholar with CIU, Associate Professor Steven Gray. The article “Wisdom of stakeholder crowds in complex social–ecological systems” by Payam Aminpour, Steven Gray, Antonie J. Jetter, Joshua E. Introne, Alison Singer & Robert Arlinghaus explores the potential of harnessing the collective intelligence of resource stakeholders for sustainable management of natural resources.

December 2019: Dr. Lex Paulson visits CIU

On December 17th to 18th, CIU had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Lex Paulson, the Founding Director of the UM6P School of Collective Intelligence in Ben Guerir, Morocco. During his stay we held paper workshops and enjoyed many inspirational conversations. We are excited to see collective intelligence hubs from all over the world working together and look forward to another great year of collaboration.

December 2019: Collaboration Meeting at CIU​

On December 11th Collective Intelligence Unit hosted a workshop on collective intelligence for policy-making with The Democratic Society based in Brussels, We Do Democracy and Analyse & Tal based in Copenhagen, and Zealand Institute of Business & Technology based in Slagelse, where we explored future collaboration opportunities. We are excited to see where those new beginnings take us this year.



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