Crowd Predictions From The Frontline – Project Updates

Last fall Collective Intelligence Unit (CIU) initiated the 3-year research project Crowd Predictions from the Frontline. The project is supported by The Danish Industry Foundation, and aims to apply new crowd predictions methods to demonstrate how information from frontline employees in Danish multinational organizations can be aggregated and used for optimized, strategic decision-making.

The research project is divided into a range of research milestones, as well as dissemination activities, such as workshops, conferences and this blog site. The following blog post provides an update on the project.

Research milestones

2018 has been a busy year initiating the project and selecting a range of Danish multinationals as project partners. For each partner company, an area of particular strategic interest has been defined as the unit of analysis forming variables such as perceived product value (LEGO) and future retention and attraction of talent (confidential partner). The research team has collected a large amount of data from the different partner companies to sharpen the variables for the selected area of interest.

In 2019 we will gather a broader range of inputs from employees in the partner companies. Based on this data we will apply prediction software to predict certain scenarios ahead in time. The prediction data will then be analyzed and compared against actual performance measures.

Project dissemination

In order to share continuous project insights, the project will host 3 conferences in its duration. The first Crowd Predictions Conference was held at The Odd Fellow Palace in Copenhagen in June 2018 with speakers:  Frank Hatzack from Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies, Michael Silverman from Crowdoscope, Carina Hallin, Head of Collective Intelligence Unit, as well as representatives from partner companies. CIU has also created a new blogsite in connection with the Crowd Predictions project, which you can sign up for here, or on our home page, to receive first-hand information on project updates, upcoming conferences and newest insights on collective intelligence and crowd predictions.

In 2019, the project will also include a range of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that will have the opportunity to participate in workshops with the project team and project partners, to gain more insights on collective intelligence and crowd predictions methods. If you are a SME and interested in hearing more, please do not hesitate to contact project manager Brian C. Poll at .

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